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Graphic Designer, Human





medical anatomy illustration

history of civilization

animals (and animal crossing, the game)

cold brew

learning new things

freshly cut and arranged flowers

reusable cups

Twitter discourse

niche memes

making conversation with strangers

sanrio characters

personality quizzes


scratched discs


people who refuse to watch foreign films because they don't like subtitles


having to be quiet (I am a very animated person)

forks in the road

worrying about being "cool"

high school

when you're wearing a mask and you have to casually wipe away your upper lip sweat after taking it off

slow walkers

A Bit (More) About Me

If I was an animal, I would be a chameleon. I have always been a "floater," not too attached to one subject, person, or aesthetic. This makes me flexible, able to take on whatever role where I can be the most helpful. I am a quiet leader in that I am able to delegate tasks and guide group members without being pushy or bossy. 


One of my core values is equitable inclusivity. I enjoy working collaboratively because I feel that each group member brings something of unique value to the table. I am very fortunate to have been born into privilege, and I feel it is my duty to uplift the voices of those in the LGBTQIA2+ community, BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color), and Gender Non-Conforming People.

I grew up Very Online meaning I am a Digital Native, and have grown accustomed to digital interfaces. This allows me to navigate digital spaces quicker and more efficiently, finding the most credible information in less time. Staying up to date with trends, fads, news stories, and public opinion is super important, and something I don't think enough brands value. I was always the first of my friends to adopt a new social platform, like Twitter or Tumblr, and most of my childhood was spent trying to learn how to code the perfect Tumblr landing page. 

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